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How to have fun in the fall

How to have fun in the fall

How to have fun in the fall

Fall is fun if you have a few fun ideas in store.

Go to an amusement park

On a warm and sunny day, grab a thermos of tea and go for a ride on a carousel. The Ferris wheel is a must. Golden leaves, clear autumnal sky – you will see such beauty only once a year.


Find out where they make the best mulled wine in the city.

Or coffee, tea, hot chocolate – whichever you prefer. You can dedicate a single day to it or stretch the pleasure over a week, shortening the evening with a mug of your favorite drink. And, of course, carrot cake is probably the most autumnal dessert ever. 


Attend the opening of the theater season

If it’s been a while since you’ve been out to the theater, the premiere of a play is a great excuse to finally do so. A play, a musical, a contemporary art performance – there are usually plenty of these events to choose from and for all tastes in the fall. 


Organize a house party

Any theme party with friends: a gastronomic fun for burger lovers or a harvest festival with food made exclusively from seasonal produce. Choose any theme and set your own rules.  Practice shows that food that can be dealt with without cutlery is best for such events: spicy cheese cookies, salty pretzels and pies with different fillings.

Gather friends for a bowling championship

Organizing a reunion of old comrades in the summer is out of the realm of fantasy: Everyone has vacations and trips. But you can easily do it in the fall, especially when it’s something fun. If bowling doesn’t interest you – choose a quest room or other entertainment – there are probably plenty of them in your city. 


Sort out your summer photos.

Choose the best ones, print them out and make an album that will remind you of how cool that summer was. Imagination in album design is only welcome: train or museum tickets, drawings, and short stories about what happens in the photos will turn a collection of photos into a fascinating story. In the fall and winter, such memories are worth their weight in gold. An idea for next summer: take a photo every day, you’ll end up with a pretty good compilation – three months of warmth and sunshine in pictures.

Decorate the house

You can take up the matter in a big way and assemble an entire collection of home textiles – from curtains to towels – in fall colors or with themed prints and patterns. If you do not have time for such large-scale changes, collect in the nearest park bouquet of yellow leaves, add to them a couple of branches of rowan trees – an unpretentious, but cute composition. Put it in a vase and put it on a table – that’s the autumn mood. Using double-sided tape, glue the leaves on the windows – there will be a homemade fall of leaves. Or decorate simple white candles with multicolored leaves, which should take about five minutes.


Go for a hike

In winter you can’t get out to the woods that easily, so you need to make the most of the chance that the warm autumn brings. But take plaids and sweaters, so that the coolness of the night does not spoil the impression of a forest weekend. Needless to say, a trip is always a great idea: campfire, guitar, tea in a kettle… If an overnight stay in the woods does not tempt you, go to a picnic at least.

Have a movie marathon

Movies are probably the best entertainment at any time of year. If the weather is bad, make a movie at home. What you need: two or three good movies and lots of good food.