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How to keep a long-distance friendship

How to keep a long-distance friendship

How to keep a long-distance friendship

How not to lose the emotional connection with your friends?

In search of change, new experiences and a higher standard of living, many of us or our acquaintances change their place of residence and move to other cities and countries. If homesickness is a purely individual matter, I doubt anyone would argue that it is easy to part with people close in spirit.


One of the most painful things about moving is the fear of losing old friends. Of course, with a change of residence there are new acquaintances, but still, an old friend is better than two new ones.

Is it possible to maintain a long-distance friendship if you or your friends decide to move?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. The main one is your mutual desire to remain friends. Here it all depends on your desire. If the friendship with a particular person for you is truly important, no distance will not be an obstacle.


How not to lose the emotional connection if you live in different places

Don’t stop casual communication over nothing.It’s very easy to become estranged from each other at a distance. But only if you don’t share information. True friendship implies ease and spontaneity in communication, which are often made up of little things. Now you don’t even have to waste time writing letters. Just tell them how you’re doing by recording a voice message.


If you live nearby, you’re probably exchanging silly jokes, pictures, or some unimportant fact of your life with your friends. If your friend has moved to another country or city, essentially nothing has changed. You can also send each other silly messages in messengers that don’t make much sense.

Do you have a headache? Write to a friend about it. And at the same time will be a great excuse to ask him how he’s doing. Did someone give you flowers? Send a picture of them. It might be a good way to tell them about a new admirer. See an old photo from a trip together? Send it to a friend and reminisce about past adventures.


The little things in life help maintain a friendly emotional background and a sense that you still speak the same language. Next time it will be easier to start any conversation.

Feel free to write first and take a step forwardA good friendship involves both parties. When you are away from each other, forget about minor grudges. It doesn’t matter as much who comes forward first. You just may not know how the other person feels in a new place at a particular moment, and your message may be a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

If they don’t write or call you, it doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you, stopped loving you, or found a replacement. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time, energy, or a reason to initiate communication. Perhaps your friend is going through a difficult period and is embarrassed to talk about their difficulties. Remember that resentment does not help to strengthen friendships.


Show initiative and interest in your friend’s life 

Numerous messengers and social networks allow you to find out what your friend is feeling and doing at the moment, where he goes and what kind of experience he has. Write first, even if you have to do it periodically. If you show up in the other person’s life once in a while, sooner or later your friend will reciprocate and be the first to get in touch.

Make surprises, even if you live far away from each otherWe all like to think and it’s extremely important to know that somewhere far away people remember and love us. Surprises from afar are very unexpected in themselves. Don’t be lazy and take the time and effort to do something nice for your friend from a distance.

You can also create new traditions. For example, send each other postcards from different places. It’s quite inexpensive, and it’s incredibly nice to receive them. And if you can, be sure to visit your friend without telling him or her anything. Seeing a friend you didn’t expect to meet anytime soon is truly priceless. Just be sure to make sure your friend is currently in town before you travel.

Don’t forget important dates.

We live in the age of social media, so there’s no need to remember when your friends’ birthdays are. So do not be lazy to call once again and congratulate your friend on the holiday, because it is always nice to hear the voice of your loved one. Spending five minutes of your time will create a good mood for you and your friend for the whole day.

In any case do not be offended if suddenly your friend forgot to congratulate you. Perhaps he had a very heavy work week or an accident. Write about the important date yourself and forget about the offense. You can fix a lot of things in a relationship. The main thing is to explain in time what happened.