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How to refresh a relationship

How to refresh a relationship

How to refresh a relationship

Small life tips to help cheer yourself and your partner up. 

In this digital age, an ordinary letter in an envelope looks fresh and will surprise anyone.

Write a letter to your significant other – when you come home tired, she or he will be very happy to find a paper letter in the mailbox.


Opening the letter and reading the handwritten lines will give an incomparable pleasure. While everyone else is scribbling messages on social networks and messengers, you will look like a true romantic.

Write about what’s bothering you, what you’ve long wanted to say, write about your feelings, admit your mistakes, apologize, compose a little poem or draw something. It’s all very inspiring. Handwritten words have more power than emails.


We are all used to having certain roles at home: one to cook, another to pay the bills or do the laundry and ironing, someone to pick up the other from work all the time.

Try switching roles in your relationship at least for a week. For example, the man will cook and the woman will pay all the bills, let the woman pick up her chosen one from workout or work, and the man will take over ironing and laundry.

Change your pattern of behavior, feel how hard it is to take care of other responsibilities, because sometimes you stop appreciating what someone is constantly doing for you.

That way you’ll gain respect for your partner and his responsibilities. And then you will not foam at the mouth to prove that cooking – it’s nothing, but home accounting – quite another matter.


Bring variety to your sex life together, do not turn sex into work. Sexual relationships should evolve, provide an expression of emotion, because sex is one of the most important components of a harmonious life.

Another interesting way to diversify your relationship is to become a colleague for your partner for a while.

You study the work issues your partner deals with, learn what he does and how he does it, what tools he uses, what he strives for in his professional career.

This strengthens the relationship: you’ll appreciate more what your partner is doing and can broaden your own horizons.

The main thing is to remember that relationships need to be developed, otherwise they become routine and ordinary.


Against this background, as a rule, and begin problems: search for faults in each other, boredom or quarrels over nothing.

Look for interesting things to do together: sports, intellectual games, urban quests, hikes, night walks, trips out of town. Do not become like those for whom a joint pastime is limited to trips to the store and cafes, cleaning and visits to relatives.

Love each other, desire each other, do crazy things – it inspires new achievements and fills every moment spent together with emotion.