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Having fun with friends

How to turn a get-together into a boring evening

A meeting with friends is always a joyful occasion. Heartfelt conversations, news discussion, smiles and joyful laughter is an integral part of gatherings. But in recent years, people are increasingly communicating with their gadgets, not with each other.


We suggest you take note of some interesting and fun games. The choice of entertainment depends on the location, as well as the features of the games. To keep everyone involved happy, find out in advance from all the buddies where they want to go. If you choose a public place, familiarize yourself with the menu and prices of the food, with the rules of conduct. 


At each place you can add your own entertainment to the evening without disturbing anyone. Try one of the options below:


There are two versions of this game: out loud and whispered. When playing out loud, each participant calls out a word in a circle that is associated with the word of the previous one. The game can take unexpected turns, as each person has different memories, experiences, and therefore associations. People are often eager to explain interesting associations, and this will certainly help make for interesting conversation and learn a lot.


In the whispering game, the leader tells his neighbor the first word so that the others cannot hear. The second player names his association to the next player just as quietly – and so on around the circle. When the circle closes, the first and last players name the resulting words. The round is considered successful if there is nothing in common between the words.


A game loved by many. You need pieces of paper and a hat or any other object in which you place the prepared pieces of paper. Everyone is given a piece of paper on which he writes the name of any famous person. It is desirable to choose personalities who are known to the whole company. Then all the pieces of paper are put in a hat, thoroughly mixed and each player takes one out. Players should not see what is written on their pieces of paper. In some variations, they are pinned on their foreheads; in others, they are simply shown to all players. The point of the game is for the player to guess whose name is on his sheet. To do this, he asks leading questions, to which the other players can only answer “yes” or “no.” For example, “Is it a woman?” or “Is it an artist?” The one who guesses the character in fewer questions wins.


If there are no hats or sheets at hand, you can play a little differently. One player is chosen, he guesses some celebrity in his mind. And then all the friends take turns asking him leading questions. The one who is first to guess the correct answer replaces the first player and also riddles his celebrity.


Truth or Dare

A well-known game that many people like, regardless of age. The presenter asks the player, “Truth or action?” If the player chooses truth – he must honestly answer one question from the presenter. A real provocation! If the player chooses an action, then the company comes up with a task for him, such as reciting a poem by heart, taking extra dishes to the bar and more. It is desirable to choose actions funny and interesting, but such that they do not interfere with the visitors around you or strongly embarrass the player.

I never …

The essence of the game: each participant in a circle says the phrase “I never …” and ends it with any action. For example, “I’ve never gone skydiving.” Players who have performed this action drink or eat something. Those who have also never done so wait for the next move. The game is often used during meetings with alcohol to warm up those present. However, alcohol can also be substituted for non-alcoholic beverages or food altogether. Coins or tokens can also be used as tokens – whoever collected the most wins!

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